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9 Best Beaches of Lagos

Lagos is surrounded by a beautiful coastline of vast sandy beaches ideal for surfing or much smaller cove beaches that are in idyllic settings. Within walking distance of central Lagos, there are eight outstanding beaches, while just a short drive provides even more excellent beach choices.

Meia Praia

meia-praia-lagosThis beach is the largest beach within the are of Lagos and is probably the beach where most tourists spend the majority of their time. It is a long beach that extends for 5km and clean waters with waves suitable for beginners surfing or body boarding. From central Lagos, it’s just a short walk across the harbor bridge & past the train station to the western edge of Meia Praia. There are many bars along the beach.


Praia da Batata

Praia-da-BatataThe beach is a pretty little beach that is situated between the Lagos fortress or and the cliffs of the southern headland. Batata beach is the closest to Lagos center but due to its size and location, it gets very crowded in the summer. The beach is sheltered from the prevailing winds and tides, therefore the waters are calm and suitable for families. Many of the kayak tours depart from.


Praia dos Estudantes

praia-dos-estudantesThe beach offers a small sandy area nestled among rocky formations that extend into the sea and allow for a quiet water perfect for swimming! This beach in Lagos, Algarve, is surrounded by cliffs, in which two tunnels have been excavated: one to the west, giving access to a tiny beach. There you can see a beautiful manmade arch to link one of the rocks with the mainland.


Praia do Pinhão

praia-pinhaoThis beautiful tiny beach is a small scenic beach part way between the Praia don Ana and Praia da Batata. Since the expansion of the Praia don Ana, the Praia do Pinhão is considered by many the most beautiful beach of Lagos.



Praia Dona Ana

Dona-Ana-BeachThe beach is one of the most visually stunning beaches of the Algarve coastline. The beach is sheltered by high cliffs and turquoise waters lap the golden sands. It’s only a 25-minute walk but it is connected by mini-train and local bus services. There are shops, cafes at the top of the cliffs & small restaurant on the beach. The beach is accessed via a steep stairway.


The Praia do Camilo

praia-do-camiloThe beach is on the way to the Ponta da Piedade headland and is another idyllic beach set between the sandstone cliffs of the coastline. There are soft golden sands and calm crystal clear waters but expect the beach to be busy during the summer. At the top of the cliffs is the popular Restaurant O Camilo with an amazing view.


Ponta da Piedade

ponta-da-piedadeThis beautiful Spot is a series of highly weathered cliffs that form the southern headland of Lagos. The Atlantic Ocean has transformed, grottos and sea caves into the colorful sandstone cliffs, these cliffs are considered the best natural feature of the Algarve. These formations can be viewed from cliff tops but a much more enjoyable way is to hire a boat & view them from the water.


Praia de Porto de Mós

praia-porto-mosThe beach is to the south-west of Lagos and is on the far side of the Ponta da Piedade headland. It is another large sandy beach. There are waves which are suitable for surfing and body boarding and decent facilities along the beach front.The beach is 3 km from central Lagos.



Praia da Luz

praia-da-luz This beach is incredibly popular, especially with its loyal English expatriate community. There are plenty of amenities to hand, with shops, bars, and restaurants throughout Luz and there are many places to stop along the beachfront along the delightful palm-lined promenade and a small Church facing the Beach. Praia da Luz is a supervised beach and is also classed as an “Accessible Beach”.


Even though we have evaluated these beaches by ourselves, we are especially happy if you can visit us at Blue Door Lagos and experience these beautiful beaches yourself!

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